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Centre for Development and Environmental Protection promotes and support youth entrepreneurship projects focus on developing value chain in vegetable and mushroom cultivation, horticulture, dairy farming. We also promote and mentor youths especially inmates in prisons (Upper farms, Buea-Cameroon) on technical skill development in pastry making, shoe making, necklace and bracelet making using beads, dress making and marking, fashion designing and hair facinators. Our aim is to empower youths with skills that will enable them over come unemployment challenges. Our focus on inmates is to change their mindset and give them hope so that they can become responsible, productive and easily re-integrate into the society.

We also turn waste into bio gas and slurry – a good source of organic fertilizer. We encourage smallholder vegetable farmers to use this cheap and affordable slurry in growing crops like leafy vegetables, green spices and tomatoes.

About Us

Centre for Development and Environmental Protection (CEDEP Cameroon) is a women-led community organisation created in 2011 and registered as a Common Initiative Group in 2012 (with registration number NW/GP/040/12/14388). It was created by a group of unemployed graduates with the aim of applying acquired skills to improve on the lives of community members, protect our environment while sustainably managing water, land and forest resources including wildlife and fisheries. We are focus on empowering youths (girls and boys), women and men with agroforestry practices, agribusiness skills and reintegrating prison inmates into the society by teaching them in jail with lifelong skills. We work with community groups and farmer organizations to improve on their farming systems and yields through advice and follow up. In the SW region, CEDEP promotes the development of value-chain through Mushroom cultivation and research, organic vegetable production and renewable energy (bio gas).


Dorms & Rooms


“Empowering communities especially youths through capacity building and mentorship; to protect, conserve degraded landscapes and improve livelihood by promoting sustainable farming systems”

Private Rooms

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  • Private Bathroom
  • Two Queen Beds
  • Daily In-House Breakfast included

Price per Night


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Double Story Beds

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Air Conditioning

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Swimming Pool

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Senior Team Executive, Cable Room


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Dynamic Functionality Manager, Trail Auto


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Rehaan Whitfield

National Program Representative, House Print

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