December 4th, 6pm – December 6th, 8pm 2020 50 hours Vienna & worldwide

In Alexander Gottfarb’s latest piece, Negotiations, 13 dancers from different generations came together and, in turns, filled the TQW Filiale in Neustiftgasse with dance for eight hours a day, for 365 days. An important aspect of Negotiations was to highlight and make visible the fact that dancing is also a form of highly skilled and physically demanding labour. His new work, Encounters, can be placed on the same line of artistic inquiry and sees Gottfarb continue his artistic (and non-artistic) questioning of the relationship between choreography, art making and the post-Fordist capitalist society. Encounters is an attempt to “work” without producing material goods or consumer services.
What results is a long, continuous dance, taking place in a workspace in Vienna over a whole weekend. The 50-hour performance was live-broadcasted in its entirety on tqw.at

Concept / Production Development: Alexander Gottfarb Choreography / Performance: Esther Balfe, Alex Deutinger, Soraya Emery, Alexander Gottfarb, Katharina Illnar, Nanina Kotlowsky, Martyna Lorenc, Raúl Maia, Anna Maria Nowak, Patric Redl, Charlotta Ruth Dramaturgy: Guy Cools Music: Sophie Augot, Guenther Berger, Alexander Gottfarb, Raúl Maia, Stephan Sperlich Composition: Guenther Berger, Stephan Sperlich Costume Design: Karin Pauer Production: mollusca productions Administrative support: Smart Austria
Encounters is a production by Archipelago Coproduced by Tanzquartier Wien.
Supported by Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Arbeitsplatz Wien